Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I need help finding a product or placing an order can you help me?

A: Take a look at this guide.

Q: When ordering moulding what are the Lengths Wanted boxes for?

A: Ordering Moulding:

If you need to have exact lengths of moulding check the exact lengths needed checkbox (note that there is a 20% upcharge on the price (added in the cart)) doing so will cause 8 new boxes to appear allowing you to specify the footages that you require.  you may also specify random lengths (but please note that random lengths added at the same time as exact lengths will be charged at the higher price).

Q: Do you have more information on ordering and checking out?

A: See Finding your Product and Placing an Order

Q: What does LF stand for?

A: LF stands for Lineal Foot or one foot of the particular product at it's particular width and thickness.

Q: What is RW RL?

A: RW RL  stands for Random width Random length and although we carry a wide variety of widths and lengths we do not necessarily have every wood type in every width and/or length combination typically our wood is between 6 and 16 feet in length and 3 to 10 inches wide

Q: What does S4S stand for?

A: Smooth 4 Sides meaning that the board has been planed smooth on all four sides

Q: I'm not receiving E-mails after submitting a form(s) or completing checkout

A: Check your Spam folder if after an hour you still have not received it

Please add  to your email provider's whitelist (or just add it to your contacts)

If you are still not receiving emails from us please send an email to with "Not Receiving Emails from Site" in the Subject Line

Q: I got a search page with "node xxxxxxx" when I visited from a search engine

A: every page on this site is a piece of content known as a node each of these has a unique id number they are then made user friendly through a process called aliasing so that you can visit content/Frequently-asked-questions instead of node/126617. Sometimes when a large number of pages are deleted and rebuilt to attempt to fix other problems the aliased node no longer exists however the alias is not removed as it should be and causes you to get a 404 Not found error causing the site to decide to search for the underlying path. To get around this use the site to search for the title of what you were searching for with your search engine.

Q: Why can't I purchase Rough Lumber directly on the site?

A: Our Rough Lumber comes in a number of sizes, some species are unavailable or much more costly at larger sizes due to the size or availability of the tree therefore you are better off to contact us with your exact needs so we can give you a better estimate. (inc. freight shipping for lengths over 8')

Q: Why can't I order mouldings in lengths greater than 8 feet?

A: At the moment our shipping calculation system is not capable of calculating freight and UPS's max shipping length is 8.5' however we can manufacture or have stock of lengths longer than 8' and you can call or email for a freight quote.