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By Moulding Type

Baseboard Casing Chair Rail

Baseboard also known as skirting, mopboard, floor moulding, and base molding is a trim board that covers the lowest part of an interior wall. Its purpose is to cover the gap between the wall surface and the floor.

Casing is a layer of trim that typically frames the outside of something. Casing is most commonly used to wrap doors and windows, and is often referred to as door trim or window trim. Casing is very versatile profile which can also be used under wall caps, around attic accesses, for chair railing, window aprons, picture frames, and mirror frames.

Chair Rail is a type of moulding fixed horizontally to the wall around the perimeter of a room to help protect the wall from furniture or other contact or simply for decorative purposes. Chair railing is often incorporated with wall panels or wainscoting for a more dramatic look.

Crown Door Components Miscellaneous Mouldings

 Crown Moulding is a decorative type of trim that is typically used to line the area where the ceiling meets the wall. Crown also includes a variety of scotia, cove moulding and bed mouldings. Crown molding can also be used above door and window headers and for mantel trim.

Door Components include door jamb, door stop, astragals, and extension jambs. These trim pieces are often referred to as the door frame, and they make up the structural and functional parts of pre-hung doors.

 MISC mouldings include cabinet moulding, panel moulding, scribe moulding, screen moulding, dentil moulding, mullion strips, outside corner, inside corner, bed moulding, picture frame, cap trim, bar rail, transition pieces, shingle moulding, rafter moulding, and lattice.

Stair Mouldings Paneling

Round Mouldings are a decorative strip used for ornamentation or finishing seams and corners. These include quarter round, half round, base shoe, and half round rope moulding. These mouldings can be used for shelf edging, band moulding, inside corner, and column wrap.

Stair Mouldings include handrail, shoe rail, fillet, stair nosing, and landing tread. These trim pieces are the mouldings that complete a stair system.

 Tongue & Groove mouldings include decking, flooring, paneling, porch flooring, and ship lap

 Window Components include windowsill, stool, and extension jambs. Windows can be framed with or without stool or sill. This can create two different looks that can be used to compliment the style of your space.