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CH901-4 | Clear Pine Spline 1/8 x 5/16

CH901-4 3D Model


Wood Type: 

Pine (Clear)

Knife Number: 






Availability : 

Made To Order usually ships in 2-3 Weeks
Lengths up to 16' may be available. Contact us to check availability.
Setup Fee: 
A $100.00 Setup Fee will be added per made to order profile. (?)
Minimum Order: 
There is a $250.00 minimum order required per made to order profile.

Random Lengths: $1.32 / LF

You must order a minimum of 190 LF of CH901-4 Random Lengths

Specified Lengths: $1.58 / LF

You must order a minimum of 159 LF of CH901-4 Specified Lengths
If this is not checked, Random Lengths less than or equal to 7'9" will be shipped.
If this is checked, make sure to fill in the Specified Length Boxes.
If you need lengths longer than 7'9", please contact us at
(330)-638-3232 or

Specify Lengths or Total Footage

A 20% upcharge will be added for Specified Lengths (50% on Hickory and 80% on Black Walnut)

(Lengths shipped can vary depending on
availability, wood type, and profile)